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  Professional Laser Picosecond Pen Tattoo Freckle Removal Mole Spot Eyebrow Pigment Remover Acne Treatment Machine Beauty Care                                            ...

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Professional Laser Picosecond Pen Tattoo Freckle Removal Mole Spot Eyebrow Pigment Remover Acne Treatment Machine Beauty Care


Professional Laser Picosecond Pen



1.The laser pulse width short, almost no photon thermal effect, no damage to the intact issue.

2.The powerful and ultra fast laser speed can instantly resolve melanin.

3.Without hurt and damages to any skin issues.

4.Less use times, to achieve better effects.

5.Suitable for a wide range of customers,long term effect is more obvious,more durable and safe.



1. Efficient

The laser beam can effectively resolve melanin into fine particles, so as to promote skin metabolism and reduce melanin deposits.

2. Faster

Faster laser beam and more focused laser energy to clean and remove long-standing melanin problems.

3. Effective

More powerful laser beam, cause no damages to skin tissues and clean more comprehensively.

4. Comprehensive

Reduce freckles and dark spots, refine skin from within way.

5. Safer

No damages and hurts to skin tissues, safe to use. 



1. Tattoo removal

2. Mole removal

3. Dark Spot/ Freckle/ Pigment removal

4. Eyebrow Makeup Cleaning

5. Acne Treatment



Package Including:

1x Laser picosecond pen

1x Charge cable

1x Safe goggles 

1x Repair Sticker

1x Manual



1. Before use the picosecond pen, the skin should be coated with Anesthetic.

2. After usage, it should be coated with repair Plaster to prevent bacterial infection.

3. Please start from the lowest level, then slowly adjust to the suitable level.

4.  Blue laser pen: 9 level is lowest frequency. Red lase pen: 3 level is lowest frequency.


What is different between Red light picosecond pen and Blue light picosecond pen?


The power and effect of blue light picosecond pen is more stronger. It need more professionl operation. Please start from the lowest frequency, then slowly adjust to the suitable level. 

The blue laser pen have 9 levels Frequency mode, different output frequency and wavelength. The flash area is bigger.

The red laser pen have 3 Frequency mode, its flash area is smaller. It suitable for subtle opperation.

Both of them for removing Tattoo, Mole, Speckle ect,  mainly apply for melanin. 


Postoperative precautions
1.4 days to 10 days after the removal of scab, affected by temporary red skin or pigmentation, one month later, pigmentation gradually subsided, and to three months later, the pigment returned to normal. Avoiding light exposure within three months after treatment is the key to the prevention of increased pigmentation.
2. do not eat spicy food after the operation, do not drink alcohol, do not take aspirin, so as not to aggravate the reaction after treatment.
3. don't make local water, no infection, keep clean and dry to reduce the chances of infection.
4. after the operation will not perform strenuous exercise, so as not to cause infection or delay the repair process of sweat skin.



There is no guarantee of specific results and each person results may vary. Please refer to the instructions when you get the product and use with caution. Before using must make sure it is a mole or skin problem that can be safely removed with the device. Consult your physician. We are not doctors we sell this device only. Do your own research and consult a professional if you would like to use it on your moles.


Model Number: Laser Picosecond pen
Type: Blackhead Remover
False Eyelash Craft: Machine Made
Brand Name: gustala
Size: 19*3.5*3.5cm
Material: Composite Material
Function1: Tattoo Removal, Eyebrow Makeup Cleaning
Function2: Dark Spot/ Freckle/ Pigment Removal
Function3: Acne Treatment, Skin Care
Skin Mole Removal Machine: Salon Home Beauty Care
Without hurting, without blooding: painless,without blooding

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